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Please read b4 purchasing:

New, “Live Worm Policy” 02/12/12

“Live Worm” orders are either sent by Express post or packaged inside a worm farm, unless alternative arrangements are agreed with the customer. E.G. Bulk orders.

Before ordering:

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their Post Code falls within the “Express Post Network” Check for your postcode at:


Express post postcodes are next day delivery, whereas outside the network, they can take up from 2 to 4 days to be delivered.

In the event your postcode falls outside the express post network, your products may not be scanned for tracking purposes and you will need to contact your local post outlet.

Following delivery of the order to the post office, Wyndywood worm farm will send an email to the customer on that day, with a post tracking number

All worms are packed and leave Wyndywood worm farm in a perfect, healthy condition and therefore we can not be held responsible for the actions of others.

It is then the soul responsibility of the customer to track and collect the worms from Australia post if delivery was unsuccessful to the address advised by the customer.

Pick up from the PO must be on the day of the attempted delivery or no refund will be given in the event of the worms dying.

In the event of worms dying during delivery or beyond, an investigation will only be conducted if the customer notifies Wyndywood worm farm or a stockist who uses our worms, on the same day as the delivery took place. (We can also track times and dates from our end)

Anytime after, it will be deemed that the customer has unfortunately killed the worms and no refund will be given.

In the case of worm farm/worm package deals, the worms will be sent inside the farm and may take longer than the express post deliveries, but the same principle of notifying us on the day of delivery if there is any concerns still applies. The worms are much safer in the farm, than sent via express on their own.

This product is "live" and should be addressed accordingly. (I.E. Once delivered, worms should be put straight into their new worm farm or garden bed to ensure a safe environment and not left in its delivery packaging.)

Thanks for your understanding







Our compost worms consist of Red, Blue and Tiger worms.

These species breed rapidly in ideal conditions and will eat anywhere from 50% to 100% of their own body weight every day. They all work happily together in your worm farm, doing their own little part in the compost heap to help breakdown all decomposed matter.

Compost worms can breakdown compost up to 10 times faster than traditional composting methods
We recommend not putting any food that is very acidic into the worms environment, whether it be a worm farm or compost heap with worms in it.

All citrus, onions, tomatoes etc may sour the worms environment, making it too acidic, therefore making the worms leave for greener pastures or they may even die. The Wyndywood bokashi Bin is ideal for these types of acidic food scraps. Please refer to Bokashi Page of this website.

A handful of dolomite every couple of weeks added to your worm farm will neutralize acidity levels built up because most fruits and veges have some form of acid in them. Some more than others. More worm facts are in our facts sheets which are provided in our VermiHut worm farms. Compost worms can also be used for fishing. Even though they cant get to the sizes of scrub worms etc, they can still be used for other qualities they possess.

For instance, a blue worm has only a very small body and long tail, or bowel tract, so there is plenty of worm to hook without killing it. The blue worm is also very light sensitive and wriggles around vigorously when exposed to sunlight. This movement would attract the fish when on a hook.

So rather than paying big dollars every time you went fishing for a little container of worms, why not start up your very own worm farm and never pay for worms again.

Our compost worms are sold in 3 sizes.
1000 worm (250 grams)

2000 worms (500gms)
4000 worms (1kg.)

Other bulk orders can be arranged.







 Hi fellow composters and eco- buffs:D

Important announcement:

I have had to unfortunately update my "live worm" policy and vermihut worm farm policy for all purchases, retail and wholesale.

Please read carefully before purchasing our worms and farms. It can be found on our "compost worms" page or vermihut farm page.

Thanks for your understanding.


 Here at Wyndywood worm farm, we have an ever increasing range of products to use around the home, indoors and out.




Here at Wyndywood worm farm. We are very flexible.

We sell Wolesale to Online stores with knowledge on worm farming and compost, general retailers such as worm farmers, eco-stores and nurseries the list goes on.

We can also supply wholesale to Schools, Councils, garden clubs (bulk orders) and fundraising organisations

We can also sell to companies via shipping container lots, to save thousands of dollars per unit.

Call us for more info. Cheers




Quote of the week

For the caravan and camping Buffs that want to do that little bit for the environment when camping, instead of throwing away your waste filling up campsite bin depots, why not take a bokashi bin with you and bring your food waste home with you to bury in your garden.

Camp ground rubbish bins can look like mini landfill sites at times, which attract vermin, flies and other nasties.

Dont be apart of it ,and use a bokashi bin. They are airtight and will fit neatly inside your caravan or camper. A bokashi bin for 2 people will take approx 4 to 6 weeks to fill with food waste whilst on the road, so is also awesome for those longer trips. We take one everytime we're away to help the environment, even at caravan parks.

The time is now for everyone to do a little to help our precious environment. We just have to look at the changing climate. Yes, it may have happened anyway, like some sceptics say, but the human race has definitely accelerated the problem to a point we see it changing every year, not every decade for example.

Thanks for listening and happy composting to all.

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Please refer to our "nearest retailers page for interstate sellers.

Most can also deliver via mail.

Most areas are covered for your convenience. If not, please contact me directly for assistance.


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