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Wyndywood Worm Farm

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Wyndywood Bokashi Grains

Bokashi Grains which can be used in our Wyndywood Bokashi Bins come in 2 blends.

Firstly our standard Bokashi grain which is composed of crushed Australian grain (usually barley, wheat, and/or rice mixture), fermented with natural beneficial microbes, minerals, salts and natural sugars. This blend has a moderate nutrient value on its own, but is also teeming with millions of beneficial microbes which go straight to work when in contact with organic material such as the food in our Wyndywood Bokashi Bin or the organic matter within your soil.

Wyndywood Bokashi Grain can also be used for:
Recycling food waste,Controlling natural odours,Conditioning soil, Septic tanks- active promotion of waste breakdown, adding to potting soils, accelerates breakdown in existing compost heaps. Also great for recycling animal waste, but please refer to grain blend (shift) below. Compliments worm activity in your worm farm, compost heap or garden beds.

Directions for use with the Wyndywood  Bokashi Bin.
(As easy as 1-2-3)

Step 1: On average, spread a layer approx 1/3 cup over untreated organic waste at the end of each day in your Bokashi Bin.

Step 2:
Use a masher to compact waste to draw out liquid to drain from tap every couple of days.

Step 3:
Reseal Bokashi  Bin Lid

Available in 1.5, 5 and 20 litre resealable bags and containers

Shift Bokashi Grain

Every year, tonnes of dog and cat waste is dumped into landfill in Australia. A lot of it also goes into our storm water systems and waterways.

But like all organic waste, animal droppings can also be valuable to soils when recycled because of the nutrients they contain.

Shift Bokashi Grain is a blend of natural beneficial microbes, minerals and absorbent materials that is specially produced to recycle animal waste into a beneficial resource. By recycling animal waste, its minimizes the amount going to landfill, odours in these areas as well as insect infestation.

Beneficial microbes in Shift  Bokashi Grain breakdown these substances quickly and effectively, as well as out-compete any disease carrying germs and pathogens  in the animal waste.

Available in 5 and 20 litre resealable bags and containers





 Hi fellow composters and eco- buffs:D

Important announcement:

I have had to unfortunately update my "live worm" policy and vermihut worm farm policy for all purchases, retail and wholesale.

Please read carefully before purchasing our worms and farms. It can be found on our "compost worms" page or vermihut farm page.

Thanks for your understanding.


 Here at Wyndywood worm farm, we have an ever increasing range of products to use around the home, indoors and out.




Here at Wyndywood worm farm. We are very flexible.

We sell Wolesale to Online stores with knowledge on worm farming and compost, general retailers such as worm farmers, eco-stores and nurseries the list goes on.

We can also supply wholesale to Schools, Councils, garden clubs (bulk orders) and fundraising organisations

We can also sell to companies via shipping container lots, to save thousands of dollars per unit.

Call us for more info. Cheers




Quote of the week

For the caravan and camping Buffs that want to do that little bit for the environment when camping, instead of throwing away your waste filling up campsite bin depots, why not take a bokashi bin with you and bring your food waste home with you to bury in your garden.

Camp ground rubbish bins can look like mini landfill sites at times, which attract vermin, flies and other nasties.

Dont be apart of it ,and use a bokashi bin. They are airtight and will fit neatly inside your caravan or camper. A bokashi bin for 2 people will take approx 4 to 6 weeks to fill with food waste whilst on the road, so is also awesome for those longer trips. We take one everytime we're away to help the environment, even at caravan parks.

The time is now for everyone to do a little to help our precious environment. We just have to look at the changing climate. Yes, it may have happened anyway, like some sceptics say, but the human race has definitely accelerated the problem to a point we see it changing every year, not every decade for example.

Thanks for listening and happy composting to all.

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