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Now available with Worm castle or Vermihut purchase. The Wyndywood Worm Blanket


The VermiHut worm blanket is made of environment friendly Geotextile sugar cane mulch which is bio-degradable and used to protect your worms inside your farm.

It puts a barrier between the outside and your worms' food supply, keeping the area on top of the food dark, so your worms can feed 24 hrs a day.

It also helps with the cold, the heat and also helps stop the evaporation of moisture in your VermiHut.

Because it can eventually be eaten by your worms, it is also a security blanket for yourself knowing your worms have emergency food supplies incase you're on holidays etc.

Worm farm package price only

Individual worm blanket purchases include a delivery cost

May be available at some participating outlets.

This order is for Worm castle or vermihut purchases only. There is an individual worm blanket for sale down the page if not purchasing with a vermihut at the same time of purchase. Can you please acknowledge. Thx :)))

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