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Quotes I was always discouraged from worm faming, despite the well known benefits of "worm tea", because I knew nothing about how the farms worked and how to look after the worms. Since I couldn't answer the most basic questions (like how do the worms get from one level to another?) I was reluctant to sacrifice worms and money experimenting. The Vermihut product documentation dealt with all these issues completely. Each of the key areas such Assembly, Start up & Management was described clearly and readably. I am happy I bought a Vermihut (not the least because the lighter coloured plastic is less likely to roast my livestock) and recommend the product and the service of Wyndywood. Quotes
S M Hopcroft
Satisfied customer

Quotes The bokashi bin is fantastic. We put just about everything in there! The liquid out the bottom is great for our garden & plants. With the addition of the bokashi liquid & the fermented food being dug into the soil the garden is showing great recovery. The once horrible vegie garden is now showing great soil composition & we are looking forward to a great stock of homegrown veggies this year. We have our bin sitting in the kitchen & never have any bad odour problems at all. We are looking forward to our second bokashi bin so we can set up a rotation system. The second bin will mean we can have a continual supply of liquid & fermented stuff for the garden. One interesting thing we used our bokashi juice for was to help with our blocked toilet system. We poured a heap of bokashi liquid down the loo & within a few hours the blockage was gone. Thanks Shayne. Quotes
Rob from Maldon Vic.