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Established for over 20 years now servicing the Mildura Vic region and Australia wide

Welcome to Wyndywood Worm Farm

Composting and advice at a great price

Wyndywood worm farm has been established for over 20 years and provides worm farms , worms and soon to our range, health products for you and your Garden.

Our knowledge of worm farming is what makes our advice priceless to our ongoing supportive customers

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Our Products

3 Tray Worm Castle.
$79.99 plus delivery or pick up by appointment

The 3 tray worm castle is made in Australia and can accommodate for a family of 4 to 5 comfortably.

Pack comes with, 3 working trays, lid, drainage tray, 4 very sturdy legs, manual, tap and cocofibre bedding.

Color , Beige.

Coming soon. Bait Worms, Compost worms
Price to be determined

Being on the Murray RIver, we will be selling bait worm (european nightcrawlers) to the local fishermen and some time in 2024 will be selling compost worms to accommodate your worm castle worm farm. We can recommend other worm farmers in the meantime to get your compost worms

Liquids for the garden and agriculture (coming soon)

Microtek liquid soil conditioners are  coming soon.

All natural with the added benefit of worm castings to provide your garden, veggie patch, orchard or acreage the extra help it needs for healthier, higher yields. From 1 litre to bulk supplies. Contact us for further info

The benefits of composting and taking care of your health naturally, far outweighs the chores involved to achieve it.

— Shayne:R